New Plotholders

Eynsham Parish
Eynsham Allotments welcomes applications for new plotholders from residents in and around the Eynsham Parish (see map).  In recent years we have been able to generally provide an allotment within six months, but as always that depends on the number of applicants and the number of spare plots.

Typically you can expect to be paying around £25 per year for a full plot.

To apply please use the contact form on the right hand side and specify your address and a telephone number to contact you on.

As well as look after their own plots, plotholders are expected to contribute to the well-being of the common areas allotments.  This can mean simply tidying up hedges and paths near their plot.  It can also mean helping working parties.

New plotholders are provided a copy of the handbook which includes the EAA constitution.